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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

Advance booking is essential. Emailing to request and confirm a specific date is essential, especially in advance during our busiest times, such as school holidays, Saturdays and the Christmas season.


What are the basic costs?

Our mobile workshop fee is £35 per person (£30pp if booking for a group of 10 in one transaction). This covers all materials used including porcelain, use of our equipment and tools, an expert to glaze and fire your work in an electric kiln to high stoneware temperature 1260C and individual participant packaging. Delivery of your works 1-2 weeks after attending an event is included to one address. Multiple addresses will be completed at an extra charge to cover postage and packaging costs. A minimum of 8 to 10 participants is required to book an event. 

Is there an age restriction?

We welcome all aged 7+. Children under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied and supported by a participating adult.

How long will we have to throw miniature works?

A basic session lasts 1 hour. If you require more time please mention this in your booking request to receive a revised quote.


Are the pieces safe to use with food, dishwasher and microwave?

All our products are safe to use with food.

Dishwasher – with regular dishwasher use, there may be a gradual dulling of colours due to the intense heat of the water and the caustic dishwasher detergent. There is also the risk of damage to the items as the glaze can get chipped if items are knocked together. We highly recommend washing by hand to retain its beauty, but with the above in mind it can go into the dishwasher on the odd occasion.

Microwave – products are unlikely to crack or break in a microwave, all of the pieces we produce are high fired porcelain stoneware works, able to withstand heat and non-absorbent. but we highly recommend not using the microwave as a precaution to avoid chipping or cracking, but with the above in mind it can go into the  microwave on the odd occasion if required.


When will our pieces be delivered?

Within one to two weeks. We will inform you when they are ready and have been dispatched. 


Are your clay and coloured slips safe and do they wash out of clothing?

All our clay and slips are non-toxic, lead-free and food safe. They do wash out of clothing easily. We do provide different sized aprons for adults and children. We do recommend clothes that get materials on them are washed as soon as possible, so that you do not transfer and inhale ceramic material dust.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at

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