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'Korembi' Leaf Light Vessels

'Korembi' Leaf Light Vessels


Fay participated in a Craftspace collective 'pop-up' installation event in Birmingham. In direct response to the date (Hiroshima Remembrance Day) and space (St Philips, Cathedral square) Fay created a Japanese 'Ema' wishing tree as a nature platform to open dialogue and record the public responses in regards to their own wishes, hopes and dreams. This work developed to create porcelain 'light' vessels inspired by light shining through leaves and Bali (Indonesia), where Frangipani flora is used in everyday offerings, blessings and prayer.


£45 each or three for £120 + p&p.

  • Returns Policy

    No returns accepted. If items are broken, it is at the purchasers risk. Every effort will be made to package items so that items do not break but the post office do not insure ceramic items unfortunately. It is highly unlikely that items will break but this does need to be mentioned as the pieces are fragile. Please contact directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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